Bolsena Lake 14-16 June 2024


All anglers must wear the provided life jacket at all times on the water. In the morning at check-in each competitor is issued a numbered tag for that day only. Anglers will be issued a different number of tags each day. All anglers must return their tags to the person in charge when they return to the event base at the end of the session, regardless of whether or not a catch was made. In the event that the participant does not return the tag by the end time of the session, the event organizers must report the absence to the authorities. Principles of sportsmanship dictate that the safety of other anglers is of utmost importance. If an angler is in trouble, other anglers are expected to assist. Remember that safety is more important than the catch of the day. Emergency calls should be made to a tournament official whenever possible.


All competitors should follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and safeguarding their own and other competitors’ safety. Have respect for the sport, the sponsors and the entire organization. Behaving not in accordance with these standards includes, but is not limited to: The violation or disregard of any of the rules of the event.
Abuse of alcohol and use of any mind-altering substance is prohibited under penalty of disqualification.
Any comment, conduct, or action that reflects negatively on efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition, and compliance with league rules, or that does not comply with the rules in the first sentence of this section. This includes verbal and social media communication.
In case of any behavior that does not comply with the above rules, the tournament director has the right to refuse a request to compete. A disqualified angler forfeits all benefits.
 This event is aimed at the utmost respect for fish and is based on the ideology of Catch&Release.


The competition is open to all and the minimum age required to participate is 16 years of age; competitors between the ages of 16 and 17 years of age may participate only if accompanied by a parent, who will supervise the minor respecting these regulations.

WHERE (date and place)

  The event will take place on Bolsena Lake on June 14-15-16, 2024
  at Blu International Camping, via Cassia Km 111,650 Bolsena (VT)


All anglers must fish from their Kayak of any make, with pedal or paddle propulsion only.

No barges, rowboats, boats, skates, skiffs, sup or any craft not categorized as Kayaks are allowed. Two people are not allowed to fish in one kayak (Tandem).
In the event of kayak failure or for any other reason rescue is requested and consequently return to tow the competitor is to be considered disqualified for the day’s ranking


Attendance of the daily briefing is mandatory for all anglers. Exact briefing times will be given day by day. Arriving late for a briefing may incur a start time penalty of not less than 15 Minutes. Failure to attend a briefing will carry a participant penalty of 40 centimeters.


Check-in times must be announced at the participant meeting. All anglers must pick up their tags before the start of each day of competition. Failure to do so will result in penalties of 5 centimeters per minute late. After check-in each day and before the start, anglers may be checked in safety equipment or general inspection of the kayak including the lockers.


Once the initial steps are completed, one can take to the water in one’s kayak, without fishing or trying bait before the start signal. Each kayak must stand before the line joining two buoys in front of the starting beach waiting for the start. As soon as the start signal is given by the race judge with an audible signal, each participant may direct himself or herself to his or her fishing area.
Further instructions in the starting mode will be given at the morning briefing



Anglers must comply with all local fishing and boating regulations. The organization and inspectors may patrol the tournament body of water with support boat, binoculars or drone and commission penalties. All session start times will be announced by the tournament director the day before and posted on the official bulletin board. All kayaks must remain in the designated area designated by the organization. When fishing, it is mandatory to maintain a proper minimum distance of 25m from other competitors.7 fish specifically 1 Pike, 4 Bass and 2 Perch which must be at least the minimum length specified below are allowed to be counted daily.Fish below the minimum length must be released immediately.The minimum lengths allowed are as follows (measurements subject to possible variations to be communicated in the briefings and in any case greater than the legal minimum lengths):

  • Pike: 45 centimeters
  • Black Bass 25 centimeters
  • Perch 20 centimeters

As soon as the fish is measured and photographed it MUST BE IMMEDIATELY RELEASED with the utmost care. The welfare of the fish is the responsibility of the fisherman. Each accidental dead fish will result in a 50cm penalty.


Only spinning/casting with artificial lures is allowed. No trolling is allowed, no live bait, no dead bait or natural bait in general, no baiting is allowed. Only artificial lures must be used during competition. Alabama-style rigs or multi lures in general are not permitted. Drift fishing is permitted. Anglers may drift cast artificial lures. Commercial scent may be used.ONLY ONE ROD PER TURN is allowed, meaning only one rod may have line in the water in the fishing action. The rod must be held while fishing at all times.The use of waders with rubber nets is permitted; the use of Boga Grip is not permitted at all. All fish must be caught in a conventional sporting manner. A cast must be completely completed and the bait completely retrieved before an angler can choose another rod. All fish must be caught from the kayak. If the angler is off the kayak, for any reason, in the process of catching the fish, it will not be considered valid.In case of danger or extremely large pike (+ 80 cm) the competitor may call the jury for a safe measurement.It is possible to get off the kayak on dry land for various needs, no fishing is allowed at this stage. During competition hours, competitors must not obtain or receive assistance (including but not limited to) from outsiders as follows: outside boat or noncurrent; placement of markers by a noncurrent; being towed by motorized boats; receiving information or data communication from a noncurrent.The use of anchor and floating anchor is permitted the latter shall never have a line longer than 10mt and shall not disturb the action of other competitors.


The fishing area must be in front of the starting base. The boundaries are relative to the possibility of returning within the time limit. The organization reserves the right to provide GPS coordinates to demarcate the competition field.For safety reasons and for the technical validity of the race course, neither fishing nor kayaking is allowed between the first and second rounds of each race.Failure to comply with the above definition will be sanctioned, at the sole discretion of the jury, with a penalty of 75 cm. plus disqualification for the first round.Between the first and second trial, in addition to no fishing, no sailing with any boat in the competition field area, under penalty of disqualification from the championship.


Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 finishers with the best summed score of the 2 days.
The first in the ranking wins the Championship, the Champion is awarded the BOLSENA YACHTING TROPHY and qualification for the Hobie Fishing Championship.
ATTENTION access to the Hobie Fishing Championship is reserved only for the participant of Italian nationality.
There are other special prizes and raffle prizes provided by sponsors.


Tags assigned before the start must be returned immediately upon return to the event base, by the end of the time allotted for the session. Tags not returned within the allotted time must be penalized at the rate of 2 inches per minute. If an angler returns more than 15 minutes after the end time of the session, he/she must be disqualified for the day. Penalties added together could result in a negative score.
Third parties are not allowed to deliver the tag to the place per starting angler. Participants may return to the base before the appointed time for physiological needs or to solve technical problems, they will have to notify the jury via WhatsApp application to get the okay and resume the competition.
Once the tag is returned, the race is over.
All participants must wait until the end of the event, which ends with the award ceremony, under penalty of disqualification and non-delivery of prizes and gadgets.
The event is based on the practice of Catch-Photo-Release, that is, after the catch is taken, the prey should be photographed on the provided measuring device (provided by the organization) and a timely release should be made immediately afterwards. Fish must be photographed on the provided measuring device, clearly showing the length of the fish and the tag so that they are clearly visible.
The official application of the event is only TourneyX Pro each competitor must have a smartphone and the downloaded TourneyX Pro application available, only and only these two tools will allow you to send photos to the jury.
It is advisable to send the photo of the catch to the jury immediately to have an advantage in case of a tie score.
A maximum of 7 fish per day can be submitted to the jury, so each day for counting purposes a maximum of 1 Pike, 4 Black Bass and 2 Perch can be submitted
Of course, in each session you can continue to pursue a species to improve your score, and the app will update the score with the larger specimens if more catches have been made for the same species.
Only one photo of the catch can be submitted, it will be your responsibility to double check that the photo is valid with the rules.
Once the photo is submitted, the jury will evaluate it at a later time, so do not wait for any confirmation and continue fishing only and only after releasing the catch.
Fishing while having a fish in a wade leads to a 75cm penalty.
Sending a photo of the same fish generates a 75cm penalty and cancellation of the catch itself.
Anglers must indicate the species and size in cm on the application.
Alternative pictures can be used in case of an official protest at the end of the session, a video of the release is always recommended.
Length is determined by resting the fish with the mouth closed to the longest point on the tail at the beginning of the meter. The value to be read is the last line of the whole past the tail (43.8cm is worth 43cm).
The catch must measure over the minimum competition length, any undersized fish presented to the jury will result in a 75cm penalty for the participant.
If the measurement reaches the minimum size with totally open mouth the catch will be void. Open mouth penalty. The photograph of the correct catch without penalty must be with totally closed mouth. One capture photographed:
  • Mouth totally open or wide open will not be validated > Score=0
  • Mouth slightly open (light passes between upper lip and lower lip) > Penalty -1cm
  • Mouth visibly open > Penalty -3cm
The director is responsible for all tournament measurements and reviews photos to verify results.


Minimum size allowed for species of interest in full compliance with minimum legal sizes (sizes subject to possible variation to be communicated in briefings):
  • Pike: 45 centimeters; 
  • Black Bass 25 centimeters; 
  • Perch 20 centimeters
For each session and for each competitor the scores in centimeters of the catch are added up.
At the end of the competition the scores of the 2 sessions are added together thus obtaining the trial ranking.
In case of tied scores, the one who caught the longest fish will be favored.
In case of tied scores even with longer fish of equal length, the lengths will be evaluated in descending order of the other catches, in case of a tie even with this method the one who made the highest score first will be favored, based on the time of uploading the catches to the application.


In the context of a competition, albeit a friendly one, the unfortunate case may occur where some competitor wishes to make a complaint. It must be submitted in writing to the organization within 20 minutes of the end of the session with an attached fee of €100 and must be signed by the person making it. Obviously, evidence of any wrongdoing must be presented with pictures, videos, testimonies. The said amount will be returned if the complaint is upheld, while it will be donated to charity if the complaint is rejected.


By registering for the entire event Interlaghi Kayak Fishing Championship 2024 you fully accept the general regulations of the organization and any amendments and additions thereto. You declare that you are in a psychophysical condition suitable for the physical effort to participate and you release the organization from any responsibility.


Compulsory registration via website
Registration is limited to a maximum of 60 kayaks.
Fees paid in any capacity are non-refundable.
  The registration fee for the Championship is € 110.00 Includes:
  • event shirt
  • race pack with sponsor gadgets
  • ASD Kayak Fishing registration with related participant insurance
  • welcome drink and dinner at Smeraldo Camping


  • personal life jacket
  • inland fishing license + marker card (mandatory as of Nov. 1, 2019) NOT MANDATORY for races
  • smartphone and downloaded TourneyX Pro app.


The last possible day to try the race course will be 03/06/2024.
It will not be possible to fish either from land or by Kayak or even by boat under penalty of disqualification from the Championship, the competition field will be supervised by the organizers.